Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 5!

By VIR on March 15, 2013

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Episode 5 of Dokidoki! Precure—entitled No Way! She’s Cure Sword??—delves more into the mystery of Kenzaki and her mysterious connection with Cure Sword.

Let’s talk:

Centering around Kenzaki, this episode boasted a more serious and consequence-oriented tone and atmosphere, one that solidified Kenzaki’s goals and motivations. This was great to see as we are now learning more and more about who may be the most interesting character in the show; that’s not saying too awfully much seeing as how everyone so far seems to be great!


Kenzaki is a very serious minded girl. Seeing as how she is a hardened warrior who knows the weight and travesties of war, this makes sense. She gets mad at Mana for putting herself first, breaking the regulations that would allows/disallow her visitation. DB—her manager—explains that Kenzaki is earnest, and that she wants everyone who hears her songs to smile.


Which brings me to my next point: why does Kenzaki sing? She’s the last remaining Precure Warrior from her world who is obviously on a mission, a mission to save her kingdom. For what reason is she singing to people? Why are their smiles so important? This seems to beg the idea that she is “burdened with glorious purpose.” There has to be a world saving reason behind this happy-faced idol when all other times she is somber with duty.


Also, Marmo references a “princess.” Could this be why Kenzaki is singing? And just who is this “princess?” I’m sure that only time will tell (I bet it’s the baby, but…).


Let’s go back to Alice for a second, as she continues to show her omnipotent powers more and more. This time, she had people—or Sebastian—collect DNA, footprints, and fingerprints from the scene to match to Kenzaki. What wizardry is this? How can one little girl know to do and have the ability to do so much stuff?! With the absence of parents and an awesome butler I say again, we totally have a little Batman on our hands.


Alice also gets into the TV company that she owns so that the rest of the gang can see Kenzaki and ask her about Cure Sword. This brings up a possible weak point of her character, one that I hope does not come to fruition. She has the grand possibility to become a Mary Sue, one that holds all the answers and all the keys to every door (as she somewhat did in this episode, at least plot-wise). I just hope that she doesn’t become a puzzle-solving and door-opening pixy.


I’m watching you…

Moving on, I was surprised that Mana and Rikka were both very mature in their feelings, emotions, and understandings in this episode. Without any outside involvement, Mana realized that she overstepped Kenzaki’s bounds and feelings and accepted and understood the consequences; she sat back, reflected, and learned more about herself and the world. Rikka also acted very motherly and scolds Mana before this revelation, wanting her to learn from her mistake. This brings that feeling of genuine friendship back into the fray; these are real friends we see each week.


Cure Sword proves that she is a complete BAMF in this episode. She fights with great determination and bravado—that means really hard punches and kicks. She also fights with her EYES CLOSED. That was pretty sick when that happened, I must say. This brings up the fact again that she is a hardened and trained warrior.


When she appears, she also does not henshin. This perpetuates the illusion to characters and audience alike that Kenzaki might not be Cure Sword. A nice touch.


Oh, and this might just be me, but I need a MakoPi single.
Toei, make it happen.


One last point, if I may: the baddies—let’s call them collectively the Trumps—seem to be lazing about in-between episodes at that rundown bowling alley. There doesn’t seem to be anyone that they answer to, no Sabāku-hakase, no Akudaikaan, no Mephisto to make them face the consequences of the failures. This, so far, leaves them feeling somewhat directionless, not giving them clear-cut directives and goals other than learning about the “princess.” Hopefully we’ll see the Big-Bad-Boss soon which will make the villains a more rounded faction and not give us a painful repeat of the Eas/Wes-tard/Soular trio from Fresh… or even worse: Max Heart.


And there we have it, readers!
Stay tuned for episode 6!

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