SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 3!

By SentaiSeiya on March 05, 2013

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SS: Kyoryuger Brave (Episode) 3 begins with a pun by Kyoryu Blue, who the group lovingly calls Nossan; this is a pun in itself because it sounds like Ossan, which means old man.


Puns aside, this episode mainly focuses on Souji Rippukan, AKA Kyoryu Green.  It turns out Kyoryu Green and his father do not get along because Green’s father, the head of a dojo, thinks his son’s style has become too wild to be worthy of  his dojo.

JM: YAYAYAYAY!!! It's the obligatory daddy-issues Sentai episode! Everyone hold on to your hats, because we're in for EMOTIONS! 


SS: The father and son have little time to fight amongst themselves as the Raging Knight Dogold unleashes one of his monsters, whose goal it is to capture strong humans and harness their anger, on the city.

JM: In true Super Sentai fashion, we get to see Green's dad fight some monsters with his stick. I don't know why, but he reminded me of Jii from Shinkenger. Oh well. It was fun to see someone who wasn't a superhero kick monster butt.

SS: Kyoryu Red tries to patch things up between Green and his father. In hopes of mending their relationship, Red even reveals that his father left him at a young age to pursue a dangerous adventure. While Green claims to be using his powers as a Kyoryuger to get back at his old man, his intentions are not so cruel. Ultimately, he helps Red track down the Monster of the Week, using the team’s newly acquired guardian Judenryu known as Dinochasers.


JM: I'm now interrupting this plot development to say that the Dinochasers look really cool. I can't wait for the toys to come out so I can buy 12 of them and stick them around my room. I guess I'm a sucker for dinosaur-themed motorcycles. Back to you, SentaiSeiya.

SS: Red and Green then team up to take care of the monster, only to have it brought back mega-sized.  As is customary, the Kyoryuger summon Kyoryujin to take care of the big baddy. However, this time around, Zakutor acts as the Kyoryujin’s left arm, while Dricera saves the humans that were still in captivity. 


SS: In the end, Green’s father comes to terms with the fact his sons sword style is an evolution of the family style and Green’s own unique reverse-grip style and all is right in the world. 

JM: As if there were any other way this could've played out. COME ON, MAN. 




JM: I really liked this episode. I'm curious to see if they can keep this momentum up after we get Black's episode next week. It was cool seeing Green's fighting style so much in this episode because the choreography was magnificent. One thing I can definitely say now is that Kyoryuger is looking to be a fantastic action-packed series. You know, as long as it doesn't start to suck.

SS: This was a pretty good intro episode for Green. Sometimes character introduction episodes are very bland and drawn out. However, this episode does a good job at conveying the life and responsibilities that Souji is putting on the backburner in order to save the world.  Plus that fact that Green is a legit swordsman is pretty damn cool! Oh and Green gets a hug from Pink for finally smiling. I am so jelly!!


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