SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 7! Angry! Daigo's in Big Trouble

By SentaiSeiya on April 07, 2013

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Once again, SentaiSeiya and Jmann joining are forces to talk about dudes ( and a chick) in spandex suits beating the crap out of other dudes in suits.

SS:The episode starts out with a cute recap of the Kyoryuger’s goal, in the form a drawing by Daigo.


SS:Then we are introduced to the Monster of the Week, the Debo Brandiron. This monster has the ability to turn the minions of the Debo army into copies of other people. This is done with the objective of making humans and the Kyoryuger angry. You gotta fill up the angry gauge somehow!

The monster is able to make 4 of the 5 Kyoryuger fight amongst themselves, as the imposters attack the insecurities of the real Kyoryuger.


JM: Like Kyoryu Pink's thighs! I'm surprised we don't have a screencap of that yet...


JM: I'll rectify this situation!

JM: YEAH! THERE WE GO! Alright, perviness done with.

SS:The plan almost works, except for the fact that Daigo has a complete blind faith in his friends and refuses to get angry at Ian for any reason. During the fight that ensues, the monster tries to once again confuse the Kyoryuger by producing a doppelganger team, but Ian thinks ahead and places a flower on their belt to distinguish the real members from the imposters.This allows Ian to take care of the underlings and the Kyoryuger take out the imposter- monster using the Kentrospiker.


SS:In normal fashion, the monsters is made big and the Kyoryuger must face it using the Kyoryujin.Thanks to the help of the Ovirapoo Jyudenchi, which allows the Kyoryujin to fart on its enemies, and the Kyoryujin Macho, the monster is no match for the Kyoryujin and its awesome flatulence.


JM: POO! Everyone loves POO!

SS:However, it turns out the whole plan was cooked up to stall the Kyoryuger while the priest Chaos acquired one of the Jyudenryu for his own evil purposes.


SS: Sweet! New Jyudenryu!

JM: Sweet! New Jyudenchuupeesaurs!

SS:This episode was good for several reasons. First, the story is really starting pick up,even though it is only episode 7. Second, it was a pretty funny episode due to the hijinks that ensued when the imposter Kyoryuger interacted with the actual Kyoryuger. Third, the Kyoryujin freakin' farts on its enemies!   I can’t wait for the next episode!

JM: I concur! Fart jokes make everything better! YAY!

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