Strike Witches 2

By VZMK2 on December 18, 2012

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Strike Witches 2 continues right where the first season ended. Yoshika Miyafuji is once again recruited into the 501st Joint Fighter Wing to fight the mysterious alien race known as the Neuroi. I watched the second season as it originally aired back in 2010, and now I get to revisit it on DVD courtesy of Funimation. 


Strike Witches remains highly popular and filled with historic World War II references.

SW09Here’s the real reason to watch this anime. It’s filled with LOTS of fanservice. While that may turn a lot of viewers off, I feel the opposite and enjoy such shows, especially when they have high production values and fun characters such in as this one.


While Season One was animated by Gonzo, the second was done by AIC. There are no changes between the seasons in terms of looks, and the show generally looks good, except for the few scenes of where they have the Strike Witches in cel shaded CG, which look ugly to me.


I really enjoy these characters. They’re mostly stereotypes of various countries but done in a way that makes them charming. Perrine’s my favorite. She is the French (Gallia in the show) girl with a snobbish personality, but learns to develop a friendship with the others.


Episode 7 is hilarious. There’s a Neuroi the size of a bug that likes to hide in the girls' underwear. 


Episode 9 is great, too as its a Perrine focused episode.


I love this eye catches done by the original artist for SW, Shimada Humikane himself.


Overall, the second season is just as good as the first. While certain aspects aren’t expanded on (like where the hell the Neuroi came from and what their motives are), the characters are the main draw to the show. Whether it’s the flying and fighting scenes or the relaxed slice of life moments, the series is one I had a lot of fun watching.



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