2AM: 誰にも渡せないよ (Type A)

By Paris365 on January 03, 2013

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2AM is a very popular Korean boy band. "誰にも渡せないよ " is their fourth Japanese language single. Google translates it as "Can not be passed to anyone," while Yes Asia says that it "promises to never let you go." Suffice to say it's an endearing ballad. The guys sound fantastic, their voices over-flowing with passion as they follow the song's uplifting, wonderful melody and hook you with the touching chorus. Musically, the song consists of potent piano and soaring, cinematic orchestration. It's definitely what one would call an epic ballad.

The first B-side is called "Winter Gift," which is kind of funny because ""誰にも渡せないよ " has been described as their winter gift to their fans. So, hey, you get two gifts. Actually, three because this single has the additional B-side "Everything." But back to "Winter Gift." "This is the winter love," they sing during the lovely chorus. While the song does have piano and orchestration, I wouldn't quite call this one a ballad. It's more of a mid-tempo pop song and an infectious one at that.

"Everything" starts off with some mellow vocals and finger snapping with a touch of piano. You could definitely describe it as chill. But, eventually, bass guitar is added to the mix, as well as drums and sweeping strings, and it turns into quite the powerful ballad. "You're everything," they sing over and over during the moving chorus. Is it epic? No, not quite. But it's a wonderful, heartfelt ballad nevertheless. - Michael McCarthy

There are two additional versions of this single available. One comes with an acoustic extra b-side while the other comes with a DVD featuring the music video.

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