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Ever since it was unleashed on the unprepared world, my favorite 2NE1 song has been the luscious "I Am The Best." It's an absolutely perfect -- and mesmerizing --electro-pop tune with old school techno-flavored beats, ultra-modern synthesized bass, and, of course, sassy K-pop styling complete with vivacious hooks. It's a monstrous dancefloor-filler that makes you feel like you're at the hippest club around even if you're just listening to it on your iPod in your bedroom. Suffice to say that I've been wishing they would do another tasty, techno-licious song for ages. And, ladies and gentlemen, my wish has finally been granted!

"Do You Love Me" begins with what sounds like male astronauts talking in space, though their voices are faint and mostly drowned out by shiny futuristic synth and little post electro-clash-flavored beats. (They're probably saying something like, "Who are these four extremely hot ladies we spy?") But that skit-ish part, which probably wasn't necessary -- though there's nothing wrong with it -- only lasts 15 seconds. Then, BOOM, a massive, thumping, techno-flavored beat starts banging away with flourishes of glossy synth and electro-embellishments surrounding it for maximum flavor. Meanwhile: "D-O Y-O-U L-O-V-E M-E," one of the girls sing/speaks before the whole group harmonizes brilliantly on the irresistible chorus, singing, "Do you love me / do you love me / do you love me / like the way I love you babe." They sing this twice and it proves to be quite the lively hook. And it must be said -- their voices are uber-sultry and smooth. (They've come a long way from the days when they were usually auto-tuned.) From there, they launch into a glossy Korean verse, followed by a slick Korean verse, followed by a catchy Korean bridge, then "D-O Y-O-U L-O-V-E M-E" is repeated before the hypnotic chorus. And so on and so forth. Suffice to say it's a red hot, massive, must-have tune with a heavenly glow. Honestly, it's so infectious that it would be a winner even if it was an instrumental. The fact that it's got 2NE1 singing on top of it makes it one of the most delightful techno-inspired treats I've heard in years. And you really can't find many pop songs that incorporate techno so perfectly. (The only ones I can think of are Lords Of Acid tunes.)

Seriously, they really nailed this one. Just like "I Am The Best," it manages to sound retro and futuristic all at once and it's entirely illustrious. And, unlike "Falling In Love," it's immediately accessible, one of those sugary sweet tunes that you fall in love with before you've even finished hearing it for the first time. If I write a list of my top 10 K-Pop tunes of 2013 I have a feeling this one will be in the top three. -Michael McCarthy

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