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Afilia Saga East is a 12 member J-Pop girl group formed by the Afilia Saga maid cafe chain. All of the members are employees in their maid cafes in addition to being pop stars. They released their first single, "Luminous no Izumi" in March of 2009. Since then, they've released several other singles and an album entitled Whitism. Meanwhile, several members have "graduated" from the group with new members joining to take their places.

"SURVIVE!!" - the opening theme for the PS3 & PSP game Akatsuki no Goei: Trinity - begins with an attention-grabbing drum roll followed by vibrant horns and a punchy dance-style beat with a bit of electric guitar in the mix to give it a little more depth. Once the girls start singing, harmonizing beautifully, the wonderful horns continue, along with the infectious beat, but some funky bass guitar noodling begins, giving the song a bit of a late 70s disco vibe. And the chorus is fantastic, uber-catchy and addictive. There's a nice guitar solo, too, though the horns are so loud you might not even notice it, which would normally be a bad thing but these horns are so ridiculously contagious that you can't get enough of them. Ultimately, the song proves to be a bright shiny diamond of pop triumphalism.

The B-side, "ヴィーナス女神っくす!" (Google translate: "Kusu Tsu goddess Venus!") is the closing theme for the above mentioned game and it's just as magnificent. In this case, we have glimmering synth instead of horns and the beats aren't quite as loud, but it's rather irresistible with its lovely melody and the girls' sunshiny vocals. "I want to be a star," they sing over and over again before essentially chanting "Venus, Venus, Venus." So, maybe the song is one big prayer for fame? (Or I suppose that it could be about the characters in the video game.) But if they can keep up coming up with strong tracks like this then I think they'll wind up quite famous without any help from a goddess.

This single also includes karaoke tracks, complete with backing vocals to make you sound good, for both songs. -Michael McCarthy

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NOTE: This is not the official Afilia Saga East video for "SURVIVE!!" It appears to be a live performance of the girls singing the song almost karaoke style in their maid uniforms, perhaps in a mall where one of the Afilia Saga maid cafes is. The studio version of the song is obviously, much, much better. This video is kind of cute though. Especially if you have a thing for maid uniforms.

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