AMMOFLIGHT: アルタルフ〜この恋の終わりに〜

By Paris365 on January 21, 2013

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Victor Entertainment

Ammoflight continue to be one of Japan's greatest pop rock bands of all-time with their stellar new single "アルタルフ〜この恋の終わりに〜" (Google translation: "At the end of this love ~ Arutarufu ~"). Their soulful vocals, rich guitars, luscious bass and driving drums all sound entirely fantastic, but even more noteworthy is their colorful, melodious songwriting, which is what ultimately makes this song such a winner. And the exquisitely-produced track is easily one of their most ambitious to date, using layers of lush, moving strings and subtle electro-beats to give their usual sound added detail and depth.

The first B-side, "ライフ・イズ・ア・ギャンブル" (Google: "Life Is A Gamble"), is an inspired, up-tempo rocker that's just bursting with energy. "Life is a gamble, gamble, gamble," goes the hook and it's quite catchy. Unfortunately, the vocals on this track sound quite processed. I don't know if it's auto-tune or just reverb or what, but it's rather distracting, if not downright annoying. I actually prefer the instrumental version of this song over the normal version because the vocals sound so terrible.

The second B-side, "Milk Tea," is more of a laid back, down-tempo affair and it's a rather intoxicating track at that. I especially love the harmonizing during the robust chorus. It might not be the sort of song that you immediately find irresistible but it quickly grows on you with repeat listenings.

This single also features instrumental versions of all three tracks. -Michael McCarthy

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