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Defstar Records

Models AMO and AYAMO have done it again with this double A-side release, their second major label single. Their first major single, "Let's Go Out," was produced by the amazing Tomoko Kawase (The Brilliant Green, Tommyfebruary6, Tommy Heavenly6) and I believe she also produced the title tracks here, "Live" and "Magic," but I can't be one hundred percent positive of that because the only information I could find about this release was in Japanese and one can only trust Google translations so much.

Up first is "Live," an intense, up-tempo J-rock song with scorching guitars, slick bass guitar work and ferocious drums. The verses might not be as catchy as "Let's Go Out," but when the girls harmonize on the chorus it's super infectious and totally sucks you in. I'd previously thought of AMOYAMO as being pop rock, but with this song, which features a blazing guitar solo, they're simply rocking out without much air of pop at all. "Magic," the second track on this double A-side, is more like their previous work, having what sounds like a programmed beat and a danceable one at that. It's also more of a mid-tempo number, compared to the furious beat of "Live." It gets somewhat intense during the chorus though. To that end, they once again harmonize beautifully on the chorus here and in this instance it's pure pop bliss. So, "Magic" is sticky, sweet cotton candy pop and "Live" is a sharp knife that could slice right through it in two seconds. Guess the girls are trying to show some diversity. To that end, there are two additional tracks on this single, each of the girls doing a solo number.

AMO's solo track is called "Maze" and, if I understand Google's translation correctly, it features lyrics courtesy of HAKUEI PENICILLIN, meanwhile it was produced by Mr. Tatsuo, who's known for working with Golden Bomber. This is far from sounding like a Golden Bomber track, however, as it sounds something akin to carnival music. In fact, it's awfully hard not to picture a carousel speeding around and around while listening to this track. Although, based on the title, I suppose you're suppose to feel like you're lost in a maze of funny mirrors or the like. In any case, it's an enchanting little number, but it's not until two minutes into the track that it finally gets a beat and picks up the pace, producing something of a hook at long last. Still, one gets the feeling that AMO was more interested in spell-binding with this one than producing something infectious or hit-worthy.

AYAMO's solo track, "Darlin'," is much more like the duo's typical sound. "Hell yeah," she sings enthusiastically early on in the addictive rock number, which is primarily in Japanese. It seems AYAMO wrote this song herself, although she apparently collaborated with drummer Mr. MAH of SHAKALABITTS, the other members of the SHAKALABITTS also contributing to the song's music. If AYAMO is capable of writing hard-hitting, contagious songs like this then I suppose the duo won't need other songwriters much longer; this song easily could have been a hit itself if it were released as a single. -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is also available and comes with the extra bonus track "タイトル未定3 (Little Twin Starsコラボ曲)."

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