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Berryz Kobo -- translation Berryz Workshop -- is a Japanese girl group consisting of seven members. The group was formed by writer/producer Tsunku as part of his Hello! Project. They have been around since 2004 -- much longer than many of today's girl groups -- and have had the most consistent line up since their formation with only Maiha Ishimura graduating from the group, leaving in 2005 to focus on her studies. Personally, I find it refreshing that the group has retained its members since its formation, rather than deeming any of them too old and forcing them to graduate from the group, which, sadly, often happens with these girl groups.

"Want!" is the group's 30th single and it's a dance/pop/electro hybrid that has hit written all over it. It opens with a large dose of glimmering synth and pours on a thudding, up-tempo electro-beat before the girls start singing, at which point thick and sticky synthesized bass joins the mix. It's an irresistible arrangement, to say the least. Interestingly, the girls do their wonderful harmonizing during the verses but only one of them delivers the simplistic chorus: "I, I, I, I want it!" Not that the song even needs a chorus, really, the verses alone provide a strong enough hook to ensure that you'll want to hear this treat over and over again. The bridge delivers a seductive hook of its own, too.

The B-side, "勇気をください!" (Google translation: "Take Courage!"), starts off sounding an awful lot like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu though it's more of a homage than a rip-off. As it progresses, you might wish that it sounded more like Kyary as the bass and the beat are a little too far off in the background on this one. It's great to hear the girls' luscious vocals taking center stage, but the music shouldn't sound like it's on mute. OK, so it's not that bad, but it would still be so much better if it had a louder, punchier beat. Especially considering how loud the glittery synth is. There really isn't anything wrong with this song -- it has a nice melody and the chorus is catchy -- I just feel like it could have been mixed much better. -Michael McCarthy

In addition to the normal and DVD editions of this single, there are three additional limited edition versions available which each have a unique cover.

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