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Eri Kitamura is a popular voice actress who's worked on many television shows, movies and video games. Her first role was voicing the character Tatiana Wisla on the series Last Exile in 2003. Thus far, she is most widely-known for her 2005 role as Saya Otonashi on the series Blood+. Her more recent television roles have been on Monogatari Series season 2 and Nekomonogatari (Kuro). While she's done far more television roles than movies, she is known for her work on the films Break Blade and Fairy Tale The Movie: The Phoenix Priestess, among others. Some of her more popular video game roles include Lollipop Chainsaw, the Corpse Party games, Street Fighter X and Super Street Fighter IV.

Eri released her first single , "Before The Moment," in April of 2004 and has continued to release singles somewhat sporadically ever since, "Miracle Gliders" being her 9th. She's also released music as one half of the duo Artery Vein, voice actress Asami Imai being the other half. Eri's first album RE;STORY was released during July of 2012.

"Miracle Gliders" is the opening theme song for the new game Suiheisen Made Nan Mile? -Original Flight-, while the B-side "Over~夜空の約束~" is the ending theme for the game Suiheisen Made Nan Mile?

An up-tempo pop song with elements of dance, rock and electro, "Miracle Gliders" is immediately enjoyable. It opens with some chiming and a little guitar noodling then we hear a "whoosh" sound, apparently meant to be the sound of gliders flying across the sky, just before its rapid, virile beat starts pounding. Aside from Eri's uplifting vocals, I really liked the thick, prominent bass guitar sound on this track. Usually bass guitar gets buried behind the beats on songs like this but not here. The only thing about this song that I didn't care for was the "whoosh" effect, which we must hear at least a dozen times as it comes and goes throughout the song. The first time you hear it, it might not bother you, but try listening to the song repeatedly without tiring of it. I wish they would have just used it at the beginning and the ending of the song. That said, the song is still great even with all of the "whoosh" business and you're sure to like it if you've been a fan of Eri's previous work.

"Over~夜空の約束~ " (Google translation: "Over ~ Promise ~ the night sky") begins with Eri singing accompanied by piano, her voice light and lovely. Soon, minimal electro-beats are heard and it sounds as though the track is going to be a simple and mellow ballad. But, once it hits the chorus, the tempo picks up considerably and it proves to be more of a catchy rock song with loud, crunchy guitars, though its soaring strings, which are almost as compelling as Eri's voice, dominate the mix during much of the song. Ultimately, I'd have to describe it as an epic power ballad and a winning one at that. -Michael McCarthy

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