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Every Little Thing -- usually just called ELT by their fans -- is a Japanese pop rock duo consisting of singer/songwriter Kaori Mochida and guitarist/composer/arranger Ichiro Ito. When they debuted in 1996 they were a trio, but keyboardist Mitsuru Igarashi left in 2000. "On And On" is their 45th single. They've released ten original studio albums, the most recent being 2011's Ordinary.

Even if Every Little Thing aren't your cup of tea, you have to admit that they rarely write a bad single. Honestly, I've been following them for most of their career and I can't think of one that ever disappointed me. Not one. Sometimes they do seem a bit too formulaic, since they always use electric guitar, bass guitar and drums as their foundation, but they're never boring. They're just different degrees of catchy. But, obviously, some songs are going to be catchier than others when you've got 45 singles. So, where does "On And On" fit in? It's easily among their best. It only takes seconds for the first verse of the oh-so-upbeat song to hook you with its lovely strings and splendid melody, which call to mind Bonnie Pink's classic "It's Gonna Rain." And then you've got the lovely bridge, which sucks you in that much more, followed by one of their very best choruses ever with its sunshiny horns and soaring strings. It's all very colorful and impossible to resist at that. It's the sort of daydreamy song that makes you see big, fluffy clouds and rainbows. Maybe even a unicorn.

The B-side is an amazing remix by Jazztronik. While keeping the structure of the original version, it spices things up by giving the song a stronger, punchy beat, which it pairs with a clapper. It also adds some clattering piano, giving the song a highly potent extra hook, and it replaces the guitar solo with a dazzling synth solo. And, as if that weren't enough, it injects the song with funky, bubbling bass loops. It ultimately feels less like your typical remix and more like it's just a very cool alternate version of the song. (The single also features an instrumental version.) -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is also available and comes with a bonus DVD featuring the music video for "On And On."

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