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Faylan -- or Feinyan, as her fans call her -- is back with her first single since last August's "Realization" with her new single "God FATE," the opening theme of the new TV anime series Hakkenden: Toho Hakken Ibun, which is based on the popular comic book of the same name.

"God FATE" starts off a little mystical sounding but then the blazing guitars burst out and things get heavy. In fact, "God FATE" is considerably heavier than "Realization." At least at times, the guitars here being especially mighty and razor sharp. Faylan has a very pretty voice without a hint of grit, but somehow she manages to pull off these heavy songs exceptionally well. And I have to applaud her for continuing to do this metal/hard rock music with drums, bass and guitar when so many other artists have traded in the drums for programming. Sure, I love electro-pop as much as the next J-Pop fan, but it's nice to have some organic metal in the music world, too. Which isn't to say that "God FATE" doesn't have an occasional synthesizer whoosh but I'd say it's 98% live instruments and that rocks, ya know? Plus, it's got some great hooks and is easily as catchy as any pop song you'll hear this week.

The B-side, "恋夢様" (Google translate: "Dream-Like Love"), isn't quite as heavy, but it's still a force to be reckoned with and an infectious one at that. While there's more synth here, and some odd percussion that calls to mind traditional Japanese music, it's considerably faster than "God FATE." That said, the guitars aren't quite as aggressive or boisterous here, so I'd have to say that "God FATE" is the heavier song overall. Not that it matters. I'm just comparing them in an attempt to better describe them. Both are winners in my book, rocking earworms you'll want to listen to repeatedly. (This single also includes instrumental versions of both tracks.) -Michael McCarthy

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