FUMIKA: 海風のブレイブ [Umikaze No Brave]

By Paris365 on November 20, 2012

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Produced by Chiyomaru Shikura, fumika's latest single, "海風のブレイブ" (Google translation: "Brave Sea Breeze") is the outro theme song for the anime series "ROBOTICS;NOTES." As you may recall, this J-pop star is largely known for doing the 27th ending to the Bleach anime series "Aoi Tori," which was her very first single.

"海風のブレイブ" wastes no time with just a brief intro that lasts less than 10 seconds, during which time it immediately becomes clear that this song is going to be a red hot mix of dance, pop and electro sounds. (In other words, a far cry from the R&B material that fumika is probably most known for.) The beats here are so insanely fast that they'd have to be described as dance even though they're actually too fast to dance to. (Unless you're talking about frantically jumping up and down. If so, then this might be a primo dance song for you. But for those who like to kick it "Gangnam Style," forget about it. /sarcasm) But the song is just as insanely addictive as it is fast. It quickly sucks you right in, a rather insistent earworm. Aside from the urgency with which fumika sings this, and the uber-fast beats, what really makes this song so infectious is the strings and orchestration. Lush, gorgeous, moving -- they help create a powerhouse of a wall of sound that's impossible to resist. Even if you don't actually like this song, you have to admit that it's exquisitely-produced.

The B-side, "時を越えて" (Google: "Over At"), is a tender mid-tempo ballad that also sports some shining -- and soaring -- strings. But this R&B-tinged song seems to be performed entirely by a live band, rather than programmed like "海風のブレイブ." Which isn't to say that there's anything wrong with programming, though the live instruments do give this song a nice, organic vibe. As for the vocals, fumika sings this one much more slowly than "海風のブレイブ," but there's no less urgency and emotion in her voice. If anything, she's even more emotive here. Ballad junkies should immediately fall head over heels in love with this one. (And they might want to have some tissues handy to wipe up their tears while listening to it. (Guess I wasn't done with the sarcasm. Oops.))

Track 3 is the anime theme song, abridged version of "海風のブレイブ." It's always nice to hear how they shorten or otherwise edit these things for television credits but, obviously, it's the full-length version that you'll want to add to your playlists. Finally, there's an instrumental version of the song, clearly intended for karaoke fanatics everywhere. -Michael McCarthy

There is also a limited edition version of this single available with an anime cover.

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