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It was only a week or so ago that Girls' Generation unleashed "Dancing Queen," a four year old track that hadn't been released previously for whatever reason(s). The red hot track, which they released a spicy retro video for, was essentially a cover of Duffy's "Mercy." Well, perhaps not a cover, as the Korean lyrics written for the girls weren't really a translation of Duffy's song, but at the very least you could call it a mash up because the music was so identical to Duffy's song that when I played it for Shazam it actually identified the track as Duffy's "Mercy." While some fans didn't appreciate it, most citing that it was a very different sound for the group, I loved it from the first time I listened to it. Or maybe it was the second time? All I can say for sure is that I listened to it at least 10 times the day it surfaced. I still can't get enough of it. I'm sure that has a little something to do with the fact that I'm a huge fan of Duffy, and "Mercy" in particular, but I'm also a huge fan of Girls' Generation, so it was like two totally different artists I love coming together for one astounding and highly infectious song. But, it turns out, "Dancing Queen" was just a teaser -- it was only a few days later that they released their new single "I Got A Boy," the title track of their amazing new album. And my head has been spinning ever since. In all seriousness, "I Got A Boy" is not a song that most people are likely to appreciate from first listen. If you thought their song "The Boys" had too many different ideas then you're going to hate it. It's literally all over the place.

Written and produced by Dsign Music and Yoo Young-Jin, it begins with one of the girls calling out, "Hey, yo, GG!" Cue the music, which starts off rather minimalist, calling to mind the Britney Spears' classic "I'm A Slave 4 U," the girls delivering a hip-hop verse or two over slick, punchy beats. Only seconds later, heavy keyboards and snappy beats take over and there's another call out, "Hey, let me introduce myself, here comes trouble!" The song alternates between simple N.E.R.D.-style beats and the loud keyboards as the girls sing with just the right amount of attitude, sounding confident but not cocky. Just when you think you've wrapped your head around it, one of the girls says "hey, yo, stop, let me put it down another way." At that point the music shifts again and the chorus begins with the English words "I got a boy" repeated a few times along with Korean lyrics. Another verse follows with the same stuttering, rapidly-thumping music before another, different beat strikes, pounding even faster, followed by more singing, until those driving keyboards return with super heavy beats galore. "Don't stop -- let's bring it back to 140," one of the girls says seconds later. She's referring, obviously, to the number of beats per minute. Following that command, the beats change gear and the girls deliver the simple but catchy chorus again. And again. Just you try to wrap your head around all of that. And I'm probably missing an element or two. The first few times you hear it, it's likely to sound more like a medley of different songs than one actual song. But keep on listening. Then listen again. At some point it will all click into place and you'll be hooked. Then you'll never be able to forget it. Ever. And you won't want to.

If there's any justice in the world of pop, "I Got A Boy" will get the kind of attention that Psy's "Gangnam Style" received. Well, maybe that's asking for a bit too much -- I'd be content even if the girls only received half of the attention that Psy has garnered.

PS: I'll review the rest of the album soon. -Michael McCarthy

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