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Golden Bomber is a Japanese visual kei "air band." Why are they called an "air" band? Because the members don't actually play any instruments themselves. They just dance and goof around and occasionally pretend to play at their concerts. Pretty ridiculous, eh? I thought it was bad when girl groups would have a couple of members who mostly just danced, but a rock band where they don't play their instruments? Seems kind of absurd to me. The only reason I'm reviewing this is because the singer, Shō Kiryūin, actually does sing, both live and on their releases, and he also writes all of their songs, which regularly climb to the top of the charts. So, I'm just looking at it as if Shō Kiryūin were simply a solo artist. As for who actually performs the music on their releases, Shō works with a variety of studio players, so one single might feature totally different musicians than the next.

"Dance My Generation" begins with Shō stuttering, presumably looped, saying "dance, d-d-d-d-ance," and so on, while vibrant horns play. When he starts singing the horns stop and we hear looped bass mixed with what sounds like a live drum beat. (It has something of an '80's sound.) The horns return for the irresistible chorus, providing one hell of a hook, although the chorus would have been enough of one even without the horns. Also, a programmed dance beat seems to take over in place of the drums during the chorus, which makes sense, given the song's title. Otherwise, we occasionally hear other loops and some guitar. The song has a decent guitar solo, in fact. But is the song worth checking out? Yes, because the chorus is great.

The first B-side is "煙草" (Google translation: "Tobacco"). It starts off with a bit of synth and some little electro sounds but then seconds later it explodes into a super fast wall of sound, which proves to be the chorus, with guitars, bass, drums and soaring strings. But just when it has you hooked, all of that goes away and we simply hear Shō singing accompanied by piano. Fortunately, that's just for a brief time and then the massive chorus comes back. While I enjoyed "Dance My Generation," I truly loved this song.

The second B-side is called "ウジ虫," which Google translates as "Gusano," which I'm guessing is a person's name? Regardless, it's a pretty straight-forward pop rock tune and the tempo is considerably slower than the other tracks. (I'd say it's mid-tempo, whereas the others were definitely up-tempo.) To be honest, I just found this song to be boring. The chorus didn't grab me and the production isn't nearly as colorful as the other songs. And it's disappointing because you know Shō is capable of writing much better choruses after hearing the first two tracks here. -Michael McCarthy

There are two limited edition, first pressing versions of this single also available. Jacket A comes with a sticker (randomly selected from four kinds) and a demo version of the title track. Jacket B comes with a bonus DVD featuring the music video for the title track and a 12 page booklet.

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