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Beijing Idol Entrainment

Idol Girls is a Chinese Mandopop girl group who've taken a lot of criticism from Girls' Generation fans ever since they debuted. Basically, GG fans thought Idol Girls were a copycat group trying to rip off GG fans. There were two reasons for this controversy. First, Idol Girls had nine members when they started off, just like GG. Second, Idol Girls did a cover of GG's "Genie" but GG fans didn't think it was a cover. They thought Idol Girls were stealing GG's music and trying to pass it off as their own, like they'd written it. But, no, it was a deliberate cover, as Idol Girls are huge GG fans.

The title of Idol Girls' new single "Everyone Loves" in Mandarin is "人见人爱," which Google translates as "Cute," but they've given it the title "Everyone Loves" for an English title. Interestingly, the name of the group is 爱朵女孩 in Mandarin and Google translates that as "Love Flower Girl." Which makes me surprised that they go by Idol Girls for their English name because Idol Girls is such a generic name. Love Flower Girls would have been much better, don't ya think?

Looking at the cover of Everyone Loves, it seems Idol Girls have lost a member as there are now only eight girls pictured. I'm not sure who left the group or why though. But I can tell you that "Everyone Loves" is a magnificent gem of a rock-kissed pop song. I couldn't tell if the beats were programmed or actual drums, but the formula is basically subtle rock guitar, funky bass guitar noodling, bubblegum synth, lovely beats and a bit of tambourine (if I'm hearing things correctly). Suffice to say it's an easy breezy, hippie-ish tune perfect for daydreaming and tapping your foot to.

The first B-side is "大小世界," which Google translates as "The Size of the World." While I loved "Everyone Loves" because it was a picture perfect pop song that transcends the fact that it's rather formulaic, "大小世界" scores points for originality. It starts off with live drums and crunchy electric guitar but once a brief guitar solo is over it switches to programmed beats and the guitar goes way down in the mix. Then it adds raw and chunky bass guitar. But once it hits the chorus it's back to lively guitars and vibrant drums. Beyond that, some subtle electro-tinkering is added to the mix, giving the song a little added depth. But, of course, the girls' precious voices dominate the mix and they sound brilliant, harmonizing perfectly, their voices shining even more than they do during "Everybody Loves."

The second B-side is called "201314" and I have absolutely no idea what that title means. It's certainly a different song for the girls though, being that it simply consists of the girls singing along to gently-strummed acoustic guitar. It sounds like it was recorded live in one take and it just goes to show you that these girls can sing as well as any other girl group. There's a part where they simply harmonize on the line "la, la, la, la, la" and they sound entirely beautiful.

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