By Paris365 on November 14, 2012

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There's a chill in the air and the leaves are turning blood red and fiery orange, which means, of course, that we're well into fall. But that hasn't stopped Kaela Kimura from releasing a new single called "Sun Shower." I suppose it's not entirely inappropriate though. After all, the sun does continue to shine throughout fall and it also continues to rain, so if Kaela wants to dream about running around in the sunshine when it's pouring out then that's her prerogative. And, guess what, "Sun Shower" is a pleasant if not entirely gorgeous tune. It starts off with gentle acoustic guitar then adds warm strings and softly-played drums before Kaela starts singing, her voice as pretty as a rose. Written by mito of the rock group Clammbon, it's an easy breezy, uplifting mid-tempo tune that suits Kaela's voice quite well. It's also nothing like her previous single, "マミレル," which was an intricate mix of J-rock and electro-pop that I happened to love. Am I disappointed that "Sun Shower" isn't in that vein? Perhaps slightly. Or at least I was the first couple of times I heard it. But now that I've lived with it for a few days, I'm totally in love with it. It's colorful and catchy and simply impossible to resist. The B-side might be off-putting for a lot of people though. It's a cover of The Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye" and, obviously, nobody is going to do The Beatles as well as The Beatles. Plus, you're kind of messing with something sacred when you do one of their songs. I have to give Kaela props for putting her own spin on it, however. Maybe that takes a big ego, but doing a paint-by-numbers cover of The Beatles would likely be pretentious, so doing something different with it seems like a better way to go. To that end, Kaela's version has layers and layers of colorful percussion, almost giving it a tropical vibe. And it is kind of groovy. She sings the song quite well, too, carrying its melody beautifully. My only complaint is that the guitar is rather low in the mix and you really want that famous hook to reach out and grab you, not linger in the background. Still, her version creates a remarkable wall of sound with everything from keyboards to guitar to banjo to strings to at least a half dozen percussion instruments, all of which her voice glides through perfectly. So, it's ultimately quite lovely and I think Paul McCartney himself would be impressed. -Michael McCarthy

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