By Paris365 on November 04, 2012

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SME Records (Sony Music Entertainment)

Kana Nishino's red hot new single consists of three upbeat summer-themed songs, the blazing A-side being "GO FOR IT!!" Said to be an inspirational song for girls looking to express their feelings, "GO FOR IT!!" begins with a cheer squad shouting "L.O.V.E. - where are you?" Later the cheer squad returns to shout out a triumphant "Go for it!" I suppose some will say this song was inspired by Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin'" but the cheer squad is really all it has in common. Well, that and the fact that they're both super catchy songs with killer beats.

The first B-side, "Talk To Me," is almost as catchy -- and that's still pretty damn infectious. And it's actually a bit faster than "GO FOR IT!!" with rapid beats and lyrics that come flying out of Kana's mouth extremely fast.

Finally, we have "Summer Time," just in case anyone hadn't noticed the summer theme here, and it's actually my favorite of the three tracks. "Hey mister DJ, drop it like it's hot," Kana sings while the thick, punchy beat pounds and pounds. There's something slightly dark about the sound of this one, too. Somehow the fuzzy synth sounds a bit ominous, which probably isn't what you want when you're doing a song about the summer but nobody will care because they'll be too busy getting hooked on this one.

With three entirely fantastic tracks, this is clearly *the* mandatory single of the summer of 2012. -Michael McCarthy

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