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Super popular voice actress Kanae Ito's new single "COLORS!" is one of those songs you either love or hate and it only takes one listen to decide. At least that's all it took to hook me. It's full of hooks, in fact -- guitar hooks, vocal hooks... You get the idea. This is a wonderful up-tempo pop rock gem. Kanae sings it totally upbeat, like she's having the time of her life, and that enthusiasm and passion that she puts into her vocals is nothing short of contagious. The guitars reach out and grab you, too. Honestly, if you don't like this song then you probably don't like J-pop. Or J-rock. I'm not sure which I'd classify this. Probably J-pop because the melody is more of a pop melody than a rock melody but those guitars are blazing so you wouldn't be wrong to call it J-rock either. Regardless of what you call it, it's downright infectious so check it out.

The first B-side is "片想い," which Google translates as "Unrequited Love." It's another super catchy pop rock song that you're sure to love if you like "COLORS!" The two songs are pretty similar. Perhaps too much so. But you don't really care when they're this much fun, right? The second B-side is pretty different though. It's called "僕は浮かぶ" and Google translates it as "Float And I." The tempo is a bit slower on this one and it has a totally different tone with bass guitar and keys dominating the mix. I'd still have to call it pop rock though, but it's actually got something of a '70's rock vibe at times and a cabaret vibe at others. Seriously. It's undeniably zany, but that's what makes it so fascinating and memorable. It's actually my favorite of the three tracks here. It reminds me of some of Chara's more eclectic work. It's like three Chara songs all wrapped up in one. Can't beat that. -Michael McCarthy

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