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"恋しくて" -- pronounced Koishikute -- is Koda Kumi's 54th single. (Yes, 54th. Pretty amazing, eh?) The translation of the title is "Some Kind Of Wonderful," which is ironic because the song is about losing the one you love and yearning for them. Wishing you could experience that wonderful thing you had with them all over again. At least that's what I gathered when I had Google translate the lyrics. The product description on Yes Asia states that it's about "longing and showing appreciation to the one you love." I suppose it's about what happens when you don't appreciate someone when you have them and consequently lose them. Regardless, the music is both beautiful and full of melancholy. It begins simply with Koda's voice accompanied by piano and strings with just a hint of electro pitter-patter in the background. As the song progresses, Koda's vocals grow more and more intense, the aching in her voice so obvious you'll wonder how she managed to get through the song without crying. Meanwhile, the music builds and builds, the orchestration growing not only louder but more complex. It proves to be a truly epic ballad. Disney would kill to have something like this as the theme song for their next love story.

The B-side, "Alone," is also a ballad. It starts off fairly subtle with Koda singing along to some R&B grooves, orchestration and occasional electro-flourishes. Her emotive voice is full of yearning and sadness here as well. While the song does grow in intensity as it progresses, I'm not sure that I would call it an epic ballad. It's a very rich and moving ballad, but it doesn't quite peak in the way that "恋しくて" does. Which is fine because, well, we wouldn't want the songs to be too similar. -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is also available and comes with a DVD featuring the music video for the title track and behind-the-scenes footage.

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