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Following four non-stop remix albums entitled Driving Music, Driving Music 2, Driving Music 3 and Driving Music 4, Koda Kumi is back with her fifth such album, though this one is being called Beach Mix. To that end, we hear the sound of waves and people on the beach quite often as this non-stop mix transitions from one track to the next. We also hear an air horn an awful lot, especially during the transitions. Personally, I find air horn to be really annoying and distracting so I could have certainly done without that. It doesn't really add anything to the music, in my opinion. I hate how prominent it's become in rap music, too. It was bad enough when everything was auto-tuned to death, but now we having the irksome air horn to further, shall we say, corrupt things. Still, this mix is essential listening for die-hard Koda Kumi fans. These remixes are fantastic and the collection actually begins with a brand new song, "Whatchu Waitin’ On?" To that end, "Whatchu Waitin’ On?" is easily Koda's best song since "Pop Diva" with its heavy, addictive, throbbing beat and highly infectious chorus. "Sugar, sugar, sugar, boy whatchu waitin' on," she sings in a slightly cocky tone. It might strike some as overly confident but I think it's just confident enough without sounding arrogant. As for the remixes, the word of the day is ultimately bass. These are loud and proud, bass-heavy remixes intended to make you dance (or play some high energy volley ball). Highlights include the stuttering "KO-SO-KO-SO [Prog5 Remix]" and the club-ready, banging "V.I.P. [Sunset In Ibiza Remix Feat. T-Pain]." The closing track, a synth-tastic "TABOO [KOZMR Remix スグル・ヤマモト]" is also essential listening. My only other complaint about this collection is that I would prefer if it actually wasn't a non-stop mix. It's fun making your own collections of remixes, playlists of your favorites and such, but you can't really use any of these tracks for that because, as with the four Driving Music discs, the songs are all connected. The only song here that isn't connected to the other tracks is the sole new song "Whatchu Waitin’ On?" At least you can put that one on your best of Koda Kumi mix. -Michael McCarthy

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