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Defstar Records / Sony Music Entertainment

Kylee is a Japanese American singer/songwriter, though thus far she has only released music in Japan via DefStar Records, a division of Sony Music Japan.

"Daisuki Nanoni" -- "大好きなのに" -- (Google translation: "Even Though I Love") begins with Kylee singing along to piano but it isn't long before electric guitars, bass guitar and drums join the mix and it turns into something rather up-tempo. While it's catchier than many pop songs, I would have to classify this one as J-rock, given the flashy guitar solo parts and the intensity of the drumming. If I had to sum up this song with one word it would be electrifying because it over-flows with energy and demands your full attention. The same could be said of the inspired B-side, "Anywhere," a mostly English song about a long-distance relationship. "I ran across your picture up on Facebook, I couldn't help but smile and want to see you, I wish we didn't have to be so far away," it begins, Kylee's vocals and the melody calling to mind the best Avril Lavigne songs, like "My Happy Ending" and "Complicated." Production-wise, it reminds me of the vibrant production of the brilliant Butch Walker, though not so much his work with Avril as his more recent work with P!nk and Ida Maria. Suffice to say it's a highly infectious song that pop and rock fans won't be able to resist.

This single also features an instrumental version and a shortened, TV theme song version of the title track, which is being used for the anime Zetsuen no Tempest. -Michael McCarthy

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jaimie_ting_ - February 28, 2013 5:53pm


I have her EP Everlasting and I really like it. I'm going to check out this more recent release.

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