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Japanese artist May'n's first few singles were released using her full name, May Nakabayashi. The first two, "Crazy Crazy Crazy" and "Sympathy," didn't make it onto the Oricon charts, but her third single, "Fallin' in or Not" featuring SEAMO did chart, although it only reached #159 on Oricon's weekly chart. She has done much, much better since she started going by the name May'n in 2008. Part of her success can be attributed to the anime series Macross Frontier, on which May'n provided the singing voice of the character Diva of the Galaxy, Sheryl Nome. Following a series of singles, she released an album as Sheryl Nome starring May'n in 2010 and it climbed all the way to number 5 on Oricon's daily chart and number 6 on the weekly chart. Since then, she's released several top 10 singles and albums simply as May'n, the most recent being 2012's album Heat, which hit number 9 on Oricon's weekly chart, a position it held for 9 weeks. Thus far, her new single "Run Real Run" has hit number 10 on Oricon's daily chart and number 19 on their weekly chart.

"Run Real Run" was written by Inoue Mao (lyrics), Honma Akimitsu (composition) and CHOKKAKU (arrangement). The theme song of the new hit television series Real Ono Gokko The Origin, it's a perfect blend of rock and pop with fast and intense beats that alternate between live drums and programming. It also features scorching guitars and super-shiny synth along with occasional electro-effects that give it added texture. May'n's passionate vocals are as intense as the beats, her voice strong if not entirely fierce. The B-side, "Outsider," was also composed by Honma Akimitsu with lyrics by 岩里祐穂 (Google translation: Yu-ri rock ear) and arrangement by Tasuku, Although it's not quite as fast as "Run Real Run," it's an up-tempo blend of rock and pop that pairs quite well with the track. In this case, the emphasis is on rock with boisterous drums and red hot guitars, though there are keyboards throughout the track along with occasional flourishes of synth. May'n sings this one with just as much energy and heart and it's a winner on every level. This single is a must for J-Rock fans who especially like female singers. -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is also available and comes with a DVD featuring the "Run Real Run" music video.

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ryofurue - June 19, 2013 5:40pm


Thank you for posting this great review.

I'd just like to add some information about the lyrics writer 岩里祐穂 (Iwasato Yuuho). Her family name is Iwasato and her given name is Yuuho.

She is an important person for us because she wrote a lot of lyrics for Yoko Kanno and other anime composers. Her works include "Infinity", "Northern Cross", "Kimi Shinitamokoto Nakare (Thou shalt not die)", "Ai-wa Furu-hoshi-no-gotoku", and "Shinjite Miru", and many songs for Maaya Sakamoto and some for Megumi Nakajima. Kanno/Iwasato works also include some in the Genesis of Aquerion.


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