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The name M.E.N stands for Most Especially Nameable. Sounds kind of silly, and a little boring, to me. And, unfortunately, I wasn't able to learn all that much about them online. Most of what I found was on K-pop sites but they only mentioned that the group released its first single, "Especially," in Japan. So, I'm not sure if they are a K-pop group that is just now releasing singles in Japan or what. But the only items Yes Asia has listed for them are their Japanese singles so I would think they're a Japanese boy band that's simply getting a lot of coverage on K-pop sites, since K-pop is popular in Japan and J-pop is popular in Korea. I was able to find out the names of the group's members though: Battle member Taehwa (main vocal), actor Im Youngpil/Young Feel (vocal/leader), Yoon Gwangsun (vocal), Former A'ST1 leader Park Jungjin (vocal) and former Typhoon rapper Jihwan (rapper).

The group's new single, "Power" starts off with some piano and subtle orchestration but it isn't long before funky synth and a throbbing dance beat kick in. (You could say it's quite powerful. Pun intended.) "I got the power to make you so damn amazing," one of the guys says during the bridge before the tempo speeds up a bit for the infectious chorus. "Gotta get, gotta get, gotta get power," goes part of the chorus. Then one of the guys responds, "I got it!" I'm assuming that they're talking about the power to persuade their dream girls to go out with them or something along those lines. Regardless of what it's about, it's certainly a great song. The guys harmonize brilliantly and the beats are punchy enough for the clubs while being pop enough for the radio. The hip-hop parts are decent, too. My only complaint would be that the vocals sounds unnecessarily processed at times, which will surely make it sound out-dated once the auto-tune craze is over. I suppose it makes it quite timely right now though, and obviously pop is made to capture the audience immediately upon release. Nobody thinks about what a pop song will sound like in 10 years when they're making it, so I digress.

The B-side, "Missing You," also begins with piano but the beats prove to be considerably softer than those in "Power." And while "Missing You" does have a beat you could dance to, it's more of an up-tempo ballad than a club killer. "You're my angel," the guys sing beautifully over glimmering synth during the rather catchy chorus. Unfortunately, "Missing You" uses auto-tune even more than "Power." The line "I'm missing you" in particular sounds way too processed. Instead of sounding sweet and dreamy it just... makes you cringe. Still, the song isn't bad. It's not quite as strong as "Power" but it's ultimately a worthwhile B-side. -Michael McCarthy

There are two versions of this single available. According to Yes Asia, both of the CDs have the same songs, so chances are that the bonus DVDs each have different footage. But that's just our best guess.

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The video below is just a commercial for the single. It seems like Japanese record labels don't want their videos on You Tube. It's easy to find videos for Korean and Chinese artists but I'm finding that it's nearly impossible to find Japanese videos on there. I'm assuming that the labels report them and have them taken down whenever fans post them. -Michael

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