By Paris365 on June 28, 2013

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"Heartbeat" is MiChi's new single, which has only been released digitally so far, but it's sure to be released as a physical CD single soon enough because they always release her singles physically. That said, I couldn't find any listing for it on Yes Asia or CD Japan just yet. In any case, it is a truly AWESOME song. One of those mind-blowingly good pop songs that become the new theme song for you life as soon as you hear them. "Now I know that dreams can come true," she sings enthusiastically during the dazzling, synth-heavy chorus and it's sure to make you smile. Practically every other line during the highly infectious chorus is in English and they're all inspiring. Some other uplifting English lyrics: "feel my heartbeat," "feel the magic." Suffice to say that this song just radiates positive energy. The beats are immensely catchy, too, but it's her cheery vocals and the luscious synth that make the song so sunshiny sweet. I've listened to it when I was feeling depressed and it truly elevated my spirits every single time. I really can't recommend it enough.

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