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Mihimaru GT are celebrating the 10th year of their existence as a duo with this new single, "Banzai Sanshou!!!" And, as usual, they're mixing pop and hip-hop with pleasant results.

The title track " バンザイ賛唱!!!," otherwise known as "Banzai Sanshou!!!," starts off with lovely strings and moving orchestration, giving one the impression that it's going to be an epic ballad but then a funky hip hop beat kicks in and they start rapping away in unison with the chorus, which opens the song. Then composer and lyricist Miyake raps the first verse along to a slightly faster dance beat before fellow lyricist Hiroko sings the next verse. After the catchy chorus repeats over the hip hop beat, the slick dance pop beat returns, Miyake rapping another verse before Miyake sings another verse as well. It's this collision of styles that makes "Banzai Sanshou!!!" such a contagious gem.

The first B-side, " バカポジ" -- or "Don’t stop the music" -- is more of a traditional J-pop song with an up-tempo beat and an infectious chorus. Most of it consists of Hiroko singing, her vocals lush, and her delivery of them rapid, but Miyake's rap part is fast and upbeat as well. While this one would seem to follow the J-pop mold, it's so damn exciting that you simply will not care.

The second and final B-side, "DE.SU.NE," packs an addictive electro-pop/electro-clash beat, though most of the lyrics, including the chorus, are delivered hip-hop style. To my ears, it's one of the best -- and most confident -- hip-hop tracks they've ever done and I actually found it to be the strongest of the three songs on this single. The dated production may make you nostalgic for 90s club music, but it's such an adorable throwback that you won't be complaining. -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is also available and comes with a bonus DVD (contents were not listed on Yes Asia or CD Japan).

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