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For those of you new to our site: Mihimaru GT is a Japanese duo comprised of songwriter and rapper Miyake and singer, rapper and lyricist Hiroko. Their new single, "君だけのSTORY" (Google translation: "You Just STORY"), starts off with some scratchy guitars and a bit of scratching vinyl as Miyake says "c'mon" a few times until a heavy beat drops. It's so raw, loud and in-your-face that it calls to mind Sleigh Bells or Boom Boom Satellites. But then a dance pop beat takes over and Hiroko starts singing and suddenly it's a warm, endearing pop song. To that end, Hiroko sounds fabulous, her voice as gorgeous and strong as ever. And the song is so damn catchy. The melody couldn't possibly be more upbeat and inviting, the verses here more infectious than the choruses of half of the songs released this year. As for the chorus, well, it's downright contagious. Highly addictive ear candy, folks.

The first B-side, "ウィガリスター" (Google: "U~igarisuta"), starts off sounding a bit like traditional Japanese music but then a rapid dance beat bursts in along with some raw guitars and soaring strings. It gets a little chaotic, to tell you the truth, but then it stops meandering and Miyake delivers a fine rap verse after which Hiroko sings a lovely bridge and an irresistible chorus. The song continues with Miyake rapping followed by Hiroko singing the bridge and chorus again and so on. More than energetic, it's full of spit and vinaigrette.

B-side number two, "家族なろうよ" (Google: "Families Will Be"), is a tender ballad that begins with Hiroko singing along to piano, acoustic guitar and a barely audible beat. And it basically remains a tender, soft ballad throughout the song. Some strings are added as it progresses, making it especially colorful, but this is not an epic ballad. On the contrary, it's more like a lullaby, which is hardly a bad thing. It's a precious, sweet lullaby, perfect for nighttime listening. And, as catchy as the first two songs here are, this is my favorite track out of the three. (This single also features instrumental versions of the first two tracks.) -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is also available and comes with a bonus DVD featuring digest footage of the concerts Mihima Circuit 2012 held from September to October 2012.

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