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Milky Bunny is the musical persona of gyaru fashion/cosmetics model Masuwaka Tsubasa. "Namida Sora" is her third single and comes hot on the heels of her recently released, fantastic self-titled debut album. Featuring lyrics co-written by Bunny herself, it is a gorgeous mid-tempo ballad. It begins with a brief but beautiful piano solo then electric guitar and an electropop beat kick in and Masuwaka starts singing softly, her voice sweet as a flower. Live drums soon enter the mix and once it hits the chorus colorful soaring strings join Bunny's voice as she opens up and hits some impressive high notes, also proving how powerful her voice can be. It's an especially well-produced, moving ballad sure to tug at your heartstrings.

The B-side, "Scenery," features lyrics written entirely by Bunny. Like "Namida Sora," it begins with a short piano solo, though in this case the piano continues to dominate the mix once the drums and, seconds later, a subtle programmed pop beat, kick in. But it's only when the song hits the chorus that it truly comes to life, a potent dance pop beat pounding rapidly just below Bunny's radiant vocals while shimmering strings rise above her. If you labeled the song based on the verses it would definitely be a mid-tempo ballad, but with full-blown dance beats during the chorus I'm inclined to simply call it a pop song. One thing's for certain, as lovely as "Namida Sora" is, "Scenery" is just as wonderful and certainly has the more infectious chorus of the two tracks. -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is available and comes with a DVD featuring a music video for the title track.

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