PASSPO☆: サクラ小町 (Sakura Komachi)

By Paris365 on February 28, 2013

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Universal Japan

This nine member Japanese girl group recently completed their "airline trilogy project" where they went around the globe and recorded different types of rock music: German metal, Los Angeles hard rock and Japanese punk. They celebrated the conclusion of the project with their One World album and wasted no time getting back into the studio to record their new single "Sakura Komachi."

Fans of the airline trilogy will likely be thrilled with "Sakura Komachi," which is an up-tempo J-rock tune with fiery metal guitars -- complete with a blazing solo -- along with clamorous drums and a high-flying chorus on which the girls harmonize with fervor. Its release comes just prior to the annual cherry blossom season, which the song is said to use as a metaphor for graduation, making it as timely as it is bouncy and inexhaustible. The equally fast B-side "No.1 Boy" also features uproarious guitars and turbulent drums, but the snappy chorus adds a throbbing dance beat and the song also includes flourishes of synth and a brief moment of electropop. The rock purists who adored their recent work may cringe but it's still hooky pop jubilance with heavy guitar bombast so I should think it will grow on them. (Instrumental versions of both tracks are also included.) -Michael McCarthy

In addition to the normal edition -- which they're calling the "economy class" version -- two limited edition, first pressing versions of this single are available, which each feature a different cover and a bonus DVD featuring an exclusive video.

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