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Secret's new single, "Talk That," begins with a bit of harmonizing over glittery little sounds before a fairly punchy beat and some funky bass guitar join the mix. The song also has little electro flourishes in the background, warm, almost bubbling, sounds that make the sugary R&B/pop hybrid that much sweeter. "Talk that, talk that, talk that," the girls sing over and over again, softly, almost whispering. While the song has an upbeat feel to it, the bits of English lyrics reveal regret and melancholy. "Sorry, sorry, sorry," they sing repeatedly during the chorus, sorrow in their voices. "Don't say my name," they sing, pleading, a few times toward the end of the song. Perhaps it's about someone who's done something they shouldn't have and they feel so guilty about it that they don't believe they deserve forgiveness? -Michael McCarthy

This digital single should be available via iTunes Korea and other Korean digital retailers.



Produced by Hans W., Secret's fourth single, "Twinkle Twinkle," begins with loud, clattering piano and an electric guitar solo, grabbing listener's full attention before the girls even start singing. To that end, they all sound beautiful, their voices truly radiant. In terms of the beat, it sounds like a mix of live drums with a programmed dance style beat below it. But it's the invigorating piano -- and the girls' energetic vocals -- that dominate the mix. The hip hop part toward the end of the song seems to come out of left field -- one was expecting another guitar solo -- but once you've listened to it a few times it sounds like a much better fit. The song is being used as the theme song for a new Naruto spin-off focusing on the character Rock Lee. It's the first time the girls have done a theme song and it should see their popularity skyrocket.

The B-side, "First Kiss," is an equally dazzling song. This one has a heavier dance beat along with sweeping strings, but it's the girls' gorgeous voices that once again remain front and center. The sugary chorus is especially delightful and more than slightly addictive. -Michael McCarthy

Three versions of this single are available. One features cover art from the anime Naruto while the other two versions have the girls on the cover. Of those two editions, one simply comes with the CD and the other comes with the CD and a bonus DVD featuring the music video for "Twinkle Twinkle" and a making of the video segment.

released: 6/13/12
label: Sony Music Entertainment

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