SHU-I: 大逆転

By Paris365 on December 13, 2012

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SHU-I is a K-pop boy band who are actually much more successful in Japan than in their homeland, for reasons unknown. Their name stands for "So Hot Union of Idols." Oddly enough, in Chinese it means "good looking," so perhaps it's the perfect name for all markets, albeit a really cheesy one. 大逆転 -- pronounced Daigyakuten -- is their fifth single. Google translates it as "Trading Places." It starts off with the guys giving themselves a shout out, singing the name of the group a few times, harmonizing quite well. Musically, the track consists of a glittery, mid-tempo, old school disco beat but it's the groovy 70s bass guitar noodling and the shimmering horns that really make it dazzling. The guys' vocals certainly don't hurt either. Their silky voices blend together perfectly, every bit as good as BIGBANG and Shinhwa.

The B-side, "魂チェンジ!" -- Google: "Change Soul!" -- has a perfectly modern, up-tempo dance pop beat. It isn't nearly as focused as the title track, however. The mix of singing and hip-hop would be fine, but there are parts when the guys simply talk, sometimes laughing, never really sounding serious. I don't know if the whole track is meant to be a joke or what -- it's certainly mind-boggling. I suppose it's catchy enough, but I much prefer the title track. -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is available and comes with a DVD featuring music videos, live performances, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

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