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Following Russian Roulette - and its re-release entitled Painkiller - earlier this year, girl group Spica are back with their second mini-album, Lonely, and it's a retro-tastic masterpiece.

"Lonely" opens the mini-album and is the group's current single. It was written and produced by hit-maker Sweetune, who previously produced the exquisite "Russian Roulette" for the girls. It starts off with a tiny bit of horns before 70s-style synth, surf rock guitars, funky disco bass and a strong, modern beat kick in. By using a modern dance pop beat, the girls are able to use all of these retro sounds without the song sounding out-dated. And I must say, this song is one infectious gem. So many other groups and solo artists have been going retro lately but they tend to stick to the sounds of the 90's and often drown them out with contemporary sounds. Spica have dared to go back to the 60's and 70's with "Lonely" and the result is marvelous.

The next two tracks, "With You" and "그날 밤" (translation: "That Night"), were actually written by the girls themselves, which is quite the accomplishment, especially since this is only their second mini-album. Many K-pop artists don't dare to write anything themselves until their fifth or sixth release, so it's impressive that they've taken the initiative so soon. And both of the songs are great. "With You" is an adorable blend of downtempo 70's disco beats and old school R&B-style synth and bass. "I'm in love with you," the girls sing, their voices sugary sweet, and it's enough to make a gangster swoon. "That Night" is more of a modern, up-tempo number. The beat and the bass sound current and the keyboards and guitars -- both electric and acoustic -- also make it clear that they're not trying to be retro on this one. The hip-hop parts would also seem to make the song sound 2012, but then "Lonely" has a hip-hop part and still sounds super retro so you can't go by that alone.

The fourth and final song is a downtempo, throwback of a soul ballad called "Since You're Out Of My Life." It's quite the sultry number, too. "Oh, baby, please," the girls plead, the song apparently about a woman who's lost her man. The girls are especially emotive on this 70's-flavored track, their voices projecting longing and sadness perfectly. It's an unapologetically sad song and a fantastic one at that. Of the four tracks on hand, I would have to say the girls harmonize best on this one, though they harmonize quite well on the other tracks as well. (This mini-album also includes an instrumental version of "Lonely" for all of you karaoke superstars.) -Michael McCarthy

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