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Spyair is a Japanese rock group hailing from Nagoya. They were formed in 2005 and the members are members are Ike (Vocal), Kenta (Drum), Momiken (Bass), Uz (Guitar) and DJ Enzel. The band initially produced and released their music themselves, later doing so for an indie label called U-PROJECT, but in 2010 the finally signed a major label deal with Sony Music. Earlier this year, their song "Love Game" was featured in the new movie The Amazing Spider Man.

"WENDY ~It’s You~" begins with some scratching courtesy of DJ Enzel, the word "funky" looping over and over again. It's the sort of thing you'd expect to hear on a 1990's rap tune. Then the guys harmonize on the line "woah oh woah oh waoh oh oh oh" a couple of times before the first verse begins. Unfortunately, that "woah oh" bit calls to mind bands like The Offspring and Sponge, making the song feel out-dated from the get go. As we get into the first verse the song takes on something of a ska vibe, particularly the guitar part and the drum beat, once again calling to mind songs of yesterday. But when it hits the chorus it overflows with energy, sounding more like modern J-rock or even punk -- whatever you call it, it finally gives the song a modern vibe and it's very catchy. Initially, I thought I was listening to a train wreck, but by the time the song was finished it had won me over entirely and I found myself wanting to sing along to the "woah oh woah oh..." line.

The B-side, "Blowing," starts off sounding like modern J-rock and continues to do so throughout the song with its infectious, up-tempo drum beat and semi-raw guitars. There are moments when you can detect a ska influence, especially with some of the funky percussion, but that merely serves to give the song added detail. It doesn't subtract from the addictive melody or engaging energy whatsoever. And I liked Ike's slightly gritty vocals more so on this track than on "WENDY ~It’s You~." Maybe that's just because this song feels so much more focused. -Michael McCarthy

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