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Takuma Terashima is a hugely popular voice actor who has worked on over 50 anime films since he started in 2005. Some of the films he's worked on include One Outs, Shigofumi, Princess Lover!, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, The Idolmaster, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and Kokoro Connect. He is a graduate of Tokyo Announce Gakuin where he studied voice acting. Until the end of 2008 he was represented by Holypeak, but since then he's been represented by AXL-ONE. Magic Words is his debut as a singer.

The first of the three songs on Magic Words is the title track, "magic words." (He doesn't capitalize the song title.) It starts off with Takuma singing over some light electro sounds, but soon kick ass live drums, bass and electric guitar kick in along with some truly soaring orchestration. While the tempo is initially moderate, it proves to be a fast, up-tempo track by the time it hits the uber-catchy chorus. While Takuma proves to have a more than capable singing voice, the lush orchestration is just as responsible for making this song a winner. If you took that away then you'd basically have a typical J-rock track. I'm not saying it would be a bad one, just that the stunning orchestration elevates things, truly making the song shine in a way that's magic (like the song's title).

Track two is entitled "FAKE." This one is more of your typical J-rock track with blazing electric guitar, super fast drums and some rather fast bass guitar wizardry. But it's really such a rocking gem that it doesn't need any orchestration to help bring it to life. It's a rather potent and infectious rocker without any of that and Takuma's voice especially shines here.

The third song, "hazy," is my favorite song on this single. While it does have electric guitars, the punchy beats here sound programmed and fall somewhere between club-ready dance, electro and industrial. What's even more impressive is the fuzzy, synthesized bass, which sucks you right in, being somewhat hypnotic. Takuma's vocals are fine, of course, but the song's elaborate, nuanced production is even more amazing if I'm being completely honest. But it's to Takuma's credit that he realized that the music of this song needed room to breathe without any grandiose vocal runs. I look forward to hearing more music from him in the future. (This single also includes instrumental versions of all three songs.) -Michael McCarthy

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