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CJ E&M Music / J. Tune Camp

Two X, the K-pop girl group consisting of Ji Yoo, Eun Young, Min Joo, Eun, and Soo Rin, are finally back with their new single Ring Ma Bell, which follows last year's hit Double Up.

So, was "Ring Ma Bell" worth the wait? In a word, yes! It's a veritable electropop masterpiece. It begins with some mild, ABBA-esque synth and a dash of electro-pattering that can't possibly prepare you for the thick, throbbing, jaw-dropping, synthesized bass that's about to burst to life on top of a gorgeous, honeyed electro-beat guaranteed to make your heart flutter. It's all quite luscious, like a yummy pop ice cream cone. And the girls? The girls sound fantastic. Delightful harmonizing abounds and they sound beautiful whether they're embracing the melody of the verses, beaming on the infectious chorus, or even delivering a hip-hop verse. These girls are serious contenders who just might rise to the level of Girls' Generation or 2NE1 if they play their cards right.

The first B-side, "Only You," is rather different. It has more of an R&B beat, but it's a punchy, attention-grabbing R&B beat and there's clearly a pop influence here as well. "Only one for me," they sing. "Love you boy, I can't stop loving you." The sentiments are as old as time, but the girls make them sound sassy and fresh and it's hard not to fall in love with this tune.

The second B-side, "Hip Up," is more of a dance song with its traditional dance pop beat. "Get up, hip up, hip up," they sing, trying to get you up on your feet. They sound great and the sunshiny synth is nice, but I can't help but wish that this song had a stronger, if only louder, beat. Or some of that synthy bass they use so well in "Ring Ma Bell." If you can do mind-bending electropop numbers, why settle for a basic dance pop ditty? -Michael McCarthy

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