YUIKAORI: ウェイカッ!! (Wake Up!!)

By Paris365 on November 06, 2012

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YUIKAORI -- sometimes spelled Yui Kaori, the names of the two girls who comprise this duo -- made their debut in May of 2010 with their first single, which was entitled "Our Steady Boy", and was the ending theme for the anime "kiss×sis".

" ウェイカッ!! (Wake Up!!)" is YUIKAORI's sixth single and it's a highly potent dance pop number that will, in fact, make you want to dance. But even if you don't dance, there's still plenty to love about this ridiculously catchy tune, which seems to split the difference between Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and AKB48, the production calling to mind Kyary while the song's super fast tempo is more like AKB48.

The B-side " ゆびきりCalendar" ("Yubikiri Calendar") is considerably slower than "Wake Up!!," though it's still a mid-tempo song. It's just not insanely fast like "Wake Up!!" The soaring strings and the girls' sugary sweet vocals are very ballad-like but the beat is more like that of a traditional J-pop song at times even coming across like a dance pop tune. I suppose you could argue that it tries to do too many things at once, but to my ears that's what makes it so intriguing and memorable. (This single also includes instrumental versions of both tracks.) -Michael McCarthy

A limited edition, first pressing version of this single is also available and comes with a bonus DVD featuring the music video for the title track.

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I couldn't find a video for "Wake Up!!" but I did find one for their first single, which at least lets you check out their general sound.

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