Alter’s Waver Velvet

By Animaven on December 05, 2012

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The only good thing about “Fate/Zero” ending was in the flood of merch we all knew was coming. We’ve seen a lot of Saber stuff, and Kiritsugu. But “Fate/Zero’s” excellence was in the largeness of the cast - a cast full of very different and equally compelling people. Lucky for us, those figures are starting to land. 


From Alter, it’s 1/8 scale Waver Velevet, the high school kid with something to prove and more moe than any little girls with guns anime. 

fate zero waver velvet

I like the tiny laughing Rider. I loved Rider quite a bit; he was the only one who tried to hash that whole business out over beer. My kind of guy. 

fate zerp waver velvet

And he blushes! 

waver velvet fate zero

Look for Waver to land in April. He’s priced at roughly $97. 

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