Anime version Black Gold Saw in figma!

By Animaven on November 18, 2012

Black Rock Shooter

I’m a pretty big fan of “Black Rock Shooter.” Well, the OVA, anyway. The anime proved to be a little weak. You know what wasn’t weak? The character designs. 

And along those lines, Good Smile released pics of Black Gold Saw anime version figma!

black gold saw

black gold saw

Her blade, kingsaw, is freaking huge. 

black gold saw

And she’s got a little sex appeal going on. 

black gold saw

I’m pretty stoked about this figure. She’s just beautiful. She’s also due out in March for a little shy of $40. 

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VZMK2 - November 18, 2012 9:50am


I agree. I loved the OVA but found the TV to be too melodramatic. The designs were great however.

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