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7th December 2012, Tokyo, Japan –ART OF WAR has released the “Skull Knight Birth Ceremony Chapter 1/10 Scale”.


The idea for “Skull Knight Birth Ceremony Chapter 1/10 Scale” design comes from Berserk Volume 20 “Conviction Arc Birth Ceremony Chapter One - Unknown in the Depths of the Depths”. This scene of darkness with only candle flames illuminating the pitch blackness creates a fantastical atmosphere into the sculpture.

skull knight berserk art of war

The spikes body armor add an intricate sense of sharpness to this authentic reproduction of the Skull Knight. To produce the dark and serious nature of the statue as evocative as the deep underground scene from the original manga art, ART OF WAR used iron gray, purple and dark green in deeper, richer colors to represent the gunmetal Skull Knight. Moreover, to stress a candle-like illumination, ART OF WAR painted the outside mantle in a darker tone and the inside in a lighter one. To distinguish the coloring against the dark tones, ART OF WAR especially added a bright purple on the shoulder, waist, proctor on the knees and the lower part of the thorn. You will be impressed at this high level of paint application on the statue. There are many small candles adorn the base adding an extra level of detailed authenticity. Moreover, the red Beherit sword, reproduced in great detail, and a normal sword are both included as accessories that you can enjoy. ART OF WAR believes our effort with this artwork will allure you into the world of Berserk.

skull knight berserk art of war

“Skull Knight Birth Ceremony Chapter 1/10 Scale” is 52,400 Japanese Yen (approx. US$635), limited to only 50 pieces. Skull Knight statues are estimated to be released in February 2013. Do not miss a great opportunity to pre-order one Skull Knight statue now.

skull knight berserk art of war

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