Cure Happy is getting an S.H. Figuart?!

By VIR on May 25, 2013

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After a year of nothing but Cure Peace and Kise Yayoi releases from just about every adult collector line that Bandai has, Bandai has gained the confidence (and sales, most likely) that they so dearly needed to release other characters from last year's Pretty Cure series Smile! Precure, namely the main character and Precure Cure Happy!

cure happy shf

cure happy shf

Cure Happy will go for 4200 yen, stand about 14 cm tall (5.5 inches), and be a mass release in August of this year. I'm quite happy to see that Bandai is no longer staying safe and only releasing Smile's most popular character; this shows confidence in the IP and the line which is good. I doubt that Cure Happy will get the same treatment as Peace (five figures, two and three of each form) but be prepared to see, I would say, at least one other figure for her. Does this open the door for other figures from Smile! Precure? Will you be able to own the entire team? We'll have to wait and see...

Stay tuned for more!
And thanks to the Cybergundam and Timeless Dimension Blog for this news!

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