Doki Doki! Precure -- Possible Leak?

By VIR on November 24, 2012

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News about the newest Precure series is usually hard to come by, and it usually only stops by in the very few months before the show starts. Here, however, we may have come upon a leak of what the Cures, their mascot, and logo are supposed to look like.

This image was scanned from a toy catalogue and shows four girls and a fairy. This is allegedly the newest Precure troupe, but take this with a grain of salt; these types of news have been misleading before, and -- as always -- the internet can be a tricky place.

maybe... just maybe

If this is the new troupe, then Whoo-hoo!
If not, well... it just makes me more excited to finally see this show!


Thanks to the Precure Livejournal for this exciting news!

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