Doujinshi Turns PSY Into a Violent Rapist

By Animaven on December 28, 2012


Everybody knows that in Japan, doujinshi flows like the spice on Arakis. But when one of the flood of doujinshi features K-pop sensation PSY - national hero to South Korea and the man who owned the internet in 2012 - raping the sweet and naïve heroine of “Pet Girl of Sakurasou,” well, South Korea doesn’t take it too well. 

PSY Pet Girl of Sakurasoudoujinshi

What does PSY like to do before getting his violence on? Yell “Oppa Gungnam Style,” of course. 


Of course, everyone knows South Korea and Japan really don’t get along, and that Japan was the only internet-ready place in the world that went “Eh,” to “Gungnam Style.” I mean, when most of Hollywood as well as the President ranks among your fans, who needs Japan?


This whole mess isn’t all about PSY, though; some Japanese fans got ticked at “Pet Girl” when the anime changed a scene from the light novel showing the main character cooking a traditional Japanese dish, a rice porridge, to a traditional Korean soup. Japanese fans hysterically complained that Korean culture raped their show. So why not parody that outcry by having Korean culture literally rape their show? 


The comic is set for release New Year’s Eve - I guess we’ll see how crazy the thing actually is then. 

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VIR - December 28, 2012 4:16pm


Well... that's uncomfortable to think about.

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