Funko Has Some Nifty Stuff On the Horizon

By Animaven on January 20, 2013

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Funko has been very busy lately. They’ve got a new line of Dom0 figures and a big deal going down with the master of merch - or, perhaps, the mouse of merch - Disney. 

Up first: if you like Domo and the Justice League, you’re in for a treat. 

domo justice leaguedomo justice leaguedomo justice leaguedomo justice leaguedomo justice league

I like that there are two Batman. Batmen? Because, as we all know, Batman is the superior superhero. Possibly that’s personal opinion, though I feel confident saying it’s a fact. 

Next up: Disney blind packs. 

funko disney blind packsfunko disney blind packs

Vinylmation has previously been the go-to company for Disney’s blind packs. However, a lot of people complained about the price on those (though we all know $15 for a blind pack isn’t anything to get unruffled about). These new little beauties - which include Stitch, Sully, Mickey, Pooh, Jack Skellington and Maleficent - should cost only about $6. Not bad. 

Look for Domo to land in February, with the Disney blind packs following in March.

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