Good Smile has 300 Nendos and Snow Miku 2013 is Now One.

By Animaven on December 16, 2012

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When Good Smile celebrates, they really celebrate. If hitting Nendoroid number 300 isn’t a fantastic reason to celebrate… well, they’re going to do it anyway. 


So what does GSC have in mind for lucky number 300? Who else but the reigning diva? Hatsune Miku 2.0 gets the coveted spot, and while she’s super cute (and kind of… shiny), she isn’t nearly the coolest thing they announced during their celebratory Nico Nico broadcast. So what is exciting?


Miku’s box. The 300th box looks a lot different from the usual box. 

300 miku nendoroid

miku 300 nendoroid


Card Captor Sakura. We’re FINALLY getting her as a Nendo. 


More Vocaloid Append Nendos. Lovers of Len and Rin, get happy. 

vocaloid nendoroid


A Nendo of the crazy blond wheelchair chick, Chariot, from "Black Rock Shooter." I’m PSYCHED for this one. She’s a beautiful, yet hateful character. Her wheelchair looks like something Rob Zombie would use if he ever needed a wheelchair. Did I mention I’m psyched?

chariot black rock shooter nendoroid

chariot nendoroid black rock shooter


Kobato from "Haganai" is coming. Prepare yourselves.


kobato haganai nendoroid


And in other incredibly awesome Nendoroid news: Snow Miku 2013 was announced, and, naturally, there’s a Nendo. 

anow miku 2013

anow miku 2013

anow miku 2013

anow miku 2013

anow miku 2013

anow miku 2013

anow miku 2013

She is, by far, the best Snow Miku. I love that her design went to a wildly different place than usual. She’s just stunning. Expect to see her everywhere. 

anow miku 2013


All of this good stuff is due out in 2013, so get ready to drop some dough. 

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