Kuroko's Basketball Gets a Second Season!

By Animaven on December 26, 2012

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Good news, everybody! Shonen sports series “Kuroko’s Basketball” is getting a second season, despite the massive problems they’re having right now with a terrorist and his threats shutting down events for the show left and right after one of the threats led to the discovery of a potentially lethal dose of hydrogen sulfide at Sophia University. Even Comiket disqualified “Kuroko’s Basketball” products and doujinshi, which reportedly led to a loss of more than 10 million yen.


The announcement came from “Shonen Jump Next” magazine, which runs the manga. So far, the sequel has just been green lit, so we don’t know when we’ll see it. It’s good to know that the show is returning, despite all this terrorist nastiness. It’s a fairly good show; one I very much enjoyed this spring/summer. 

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