Max Factory’s Pit and Dark Pit from “Kid Icarus: Uprising!”

By Animaven on December 20, 2012


Max Factory has double the “Kid Icarus: Uprising” on the way, courtesy of the figma line! 

kid icarus figma pit

First up, it’s the kid himself, Pit! 

kid icarus figma pit

We’ve got all kinds of weapons on him, which is a good thing for anyone who played the game.

kid icarus figma pit

Plus, good guys need a little monster to fight, right?


Of course, if good is just a little too good for you, have something a little… dark. 

kid icarus figma dark pit

Dark Pit! How excellent is that?

kid icarus figma dark pit

He may be Pit’s chaotic twin, but in the end, he saved the day. At least, our hero’s day. 

kid icarus figma dark pit

They’re both due out in April for roughly $43.

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SentaiSeiya - December 20, 2012 7:58pm


I am now filled with regret for not buying the Figma Samus. The thought of a Smash Bros display had not occurred to me until this guy was announced.

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