Plum's Okabe from "Steins;Gate!"

By Animaven on December 12, 2012

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“Steins;Gate” is a damn fine series. It has a lot of the things I adore in an anime: time travel, surprise murder, tsunderes and a genuis yet crazy yet sensitive yet hot yet complicated protagonist. What can I say? I’m a girl. I like my fictional men to live up to impossible standards. 

steins;gate plum okabe

Which is why Okabe, aka Okarin, is my kind of guy. Thanks to Plum, he’s also my kind of figure. 

steins;gate okabe plum

Due out in March, it’s Okarin! There’s only one thing to say to this, really: tuturuu!

steins;gate okabe plum

He comes with a different set of arms and face, for when you need to speak to someone about the agency. Appropriate things to yell while admiring this figure: "El psy congroo," "Reading steiner," and "I am a mad scientisto. It so cool (sonofabitch)."  

steins;gate okabe plum

He’s set to cost roughly $82.


The characters of “Steins;Gate” were designed by the crazy talented artist Huke, who just happens to be one of my favorites in the biz. Huke’s been a little busy lately teasing people on Twitter. How? With artwork for upcoming “Steins;Gate” projects, of course. This little bit of awesome shows us what it looks like when hacker Daru comes face-to-face with one of the lovliest girls of 2011 (which just happens to be the year “Steins;Gate” aired). 

huke steins;gate madoka magica

Also? 2011 was the year “Madoka Magica” aired. This could, potentially, be cannon: after all, Daru hangs with a lot of cosplayers. Something to think about.

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