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HOUSTON, April 3, 2013 — Sentai Filmworks’ is proud to announce its newest acquisition: Shining Hearts.  Based on the best selling Sega game, this 12 episode series is directed and written by Itsuro Kawasaki (Listen To Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!, Arc the Lad) and features character designs by Keita Matsumoto (Bungaku Shojo, Sands of Destruction), sound direction by Yukio Nagasaki (tsuritama, Dragon Ball Z Kai) and music by Hiroki Kikuta.



Over the years, many strange things have washed up on the shores of Windaria, a mysterious island where humans, elves and other beings all live in harmony.  Rick, a former swordsman who runs the Le Couer Bakery with his three beautiful coworkers Neris, Amil and Airy, knows this all too well, having been found on the beach with a profound case of amnesia himself.  Perhaps that’s why Rick takes a quick interest in Kaguya, a girl who arrives in Windaria in a similar waterlogged and memory-less condition.  Whatever the reason, it soon becomes apparent that his skills with a sword may be required to protect the lovely piece of former flotsam.  For dark forces are on the move, the red moon is on the rise and a deathly wind is blowing into Windaria in the form of pirates, brigands and other strangers, all of whom seem to be seeking Kaguya!  Or is it the mysterious pendant that she wears that they’re after?  The one thing that’s sure is that there’ll be no time for loafing around the bakery now, because everything’s about to come out of the oven and go into the fire in SHINING HEARTS!



Shining Hearts will be available later this year on bilingual BD & DVD and through select digital outlets.

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