Sony Makes PS3 Bento Box!

By Animaven on December 15, 2012

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Holy crap, you guys, can you believe the “Final Fantasy” franchise is 25 years old? Talk about things that make me feel ancient. Luckily, Sony is doing a little something for fans to help ease the pain of our collective old age - by which I mean they’re releasing a PS3-shaped bento box to commemorate the 25th anniversary of “Final Fantasy” and “Metal Gear Solid.” 


I know. “Metal Gear Solid” is a quarter of a century old. Try not to curl into a ball and cry. I’d ask where all the time has gone, but I’m pretty sure the answer is the “Elder Scrolls” franchise. Freaking Bethesda. 


Anyway, a bento box shaped like a PS3:

bento box PS3

This bad boy has a blu-ray tray and is accurate down to .004-inch. That’s the kind of obsession we expect from the people who made me play horribly rigged arcade games in the Golden Saucer just to get a sword that I ended up not really using all that much anyway. I’m looking at you, FF7. 

bento box PS3

That’s a silver leaf PS3 logo. 

bento box PS3

Did I mention someone needs to buy me one of these?

bento box PS3

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